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1991 N California Blvd, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, USA

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Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 1991 N California Blvd, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, USA
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Google Rating: 2.3 out of 5 stars (3 total ratings)

Jonas Yue
1 Star
In one short sentence .... stay clear of Past the Gate! For the non believers out there, take a look at this company latest and past reviews from other owners on their follow up, attention to details and what happens after the firm is paid. We hired this firm to do a full remodel of our back and front yard and the work took them 2 years to complete (!). Yes it took 2 years to finally get the work completed and approved by the CITY because of all the excuses and false promises made by this outfit. The owner Greg is the front man and initially came out and Sold us " the vision " of our garden and did he give us a show. We happened to live in a planned development requiring a City Permit and City inspection for any work changed. All work must be approved by our association. Greg was made clear "up front" the work started must be approved by the CITY and of course we were promised the work he complete would easily pass City Inspection. 2 years later, the work was finally approved. Plans after plans were submitted and changed by Greg. Work was started and completed with "no official CITY inspection " which should have been a clear warning. It was a mess throughout with the management of the project by this firm. Not only was work started ,completed and didn't pass the CITY inspection but Greg wanted me to follow up with the CITY myself because he believe I would get " through " to the CITY. That is after paying $$$$ for this renovation. Isn't the whole point of hiring a Licensed contractor/landscaper to do the work to completion? Finally, Greg did complete the work and was able to convince the CITY to approve his work only after my attorney was summoned to get him to correct the issues or we take him to court. Be forewarned ...
Friday 13th January 2023
Heather Darst
1 Star
My experience with Greg, and Past the Gate is quite I'll try to keep this short and to the point. They did our landscape/ patio design, drainage then, also, yard maintained for approx a year. This started about 4 years ago. At a certain point, 2years ago, we notice a buckling in our patio, called Greg, he came out and said it was probably the drainage under the pavers(pavers installed by someone else), and that they could/ would fix it. We tried to get this going and was continually blown off. Mind you we kept getting the story of how they were short handed, but on it (same story we got for the sub-par landscape maintenance... that was approx $500 a month!). Well, finally realizing that they weren't going to follow thru, we started to look for a new company. Luckily we found Black Diamond and they came out to fix the problem. Here's where it gets good... The buckling was caused by a Filler that PAST THE GATE put in between our pavers!!!! The drainage underneath was perfect! THEY caused this, very expensive, problem!!!! Along with the thousands of dollars of unsuccessful plantings, I urge you to look somewhere else. I will say on a positive note that Greg is very nice and he and Clay come up with beautiful designs. I honestly think they have outgrown their capabilities and can't handle it. Keep looking people.. there are other places....
Wednesday 11th January 2023
Janine Davis
5 Star
Its the best place if you need help with the race!
Tuesday 6th August 2019